Dog Hygiene



Dog Hygiene

Proper hygiene is, of course, very important to the dog and does not need to underestimate it. With proper hygiene, you will experience many problems, such as inflammation, eyelid or eye discharge. We offer you products designed to prevent hygiene problems. Eye, ear drops for dogs, dog toothpaste, and dog repellents are on offer.

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  • Eyes, ears, teeth and...

    Eye care, teeth, ears and paws of your dog are extremely important. You should not underestimate this fact. We offer formulations for eye drops for dogs, toothpastes for dog tooth and many other useful products.

  • Dog repellents

    Do you already have full teeth with the permanent marking or biting of your trees, plants, furniture destruction and the like? We offer effective crystals against dog marking, anti-spatter spray and scratch spray. Excellent efficacy results on all dogs.