Granules and feed for the dog



Granules and feed for the dog

In our offer of dog granules, you will find the right feed for your dog so that it meets its individual needs. Here you will find feeds ranging from economic to ultra-HOLISTIC without the use of grain with a high content of meat.

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  • IRONpet

    IRONpet is a natural Czech super premium feed without gluten and chicken. The main source of protein is turkey or beef. The added complex of herbs and vitamins, quality proteins and easily digestible carbohydrates make IRONpet a top and nutritionally balanced food. The range is complemented by IRONpet wet food, made from 100% natural ingredients. It contains only one source of animal protein (monoprotein) in the form of coarsely ground pieces. Beef, turkey and lamb are suitably supplemented with IRONpet dry food.

  • OPTIMAnova

    Top quality dog food as the main raw material used in the production of products of this line is fresh (never frozen) chicken, salmon and rabbit meat.

  • Proct-dog