Granules and feed for the dog


Granules and feed for the dog

In our offer of dog granules, you will find the right feed for your dog so that it meets its individual needs. Here you will find feeds ranging from economic to ultra-HOLISTIC without the use of grain with a high content of meat.

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  • HOLISTIC - Ultra prémium

    Forget about expensive low quality brands. Try Alleva® Holistic - a complete dog food made with a traditional recipe with high quality protein (min 36%) and without the addition of cereals (corn, wheat, rice). The meat content is at least 70%. Helps maintain your dog healthy and helps build muscle system. A non-cereal hypoallergenic preparation helps reduce food allergies and problems with intolerance. Alleva Holistic is rich in the natural essences needed to supply the micronutrients that the dogs found in a natural setting. Alleva® Holistic: Healthy and natural food!


    ALLEVA feeds are quality meat grains for dogs Premium dog food included in the super-premium line. High quality feed for your dog at an affordable price.


    Granules for dogs from the Clan range are premium meat grains for adult dogs and puppies of all kinds. Dog food at bargain prices.


    Ale Dog's Granule is a good feed for dogs. These granules for dogs are at very favorable prices.

  • REAL DOG / PEDRO -...

    Economic Board of Feedstuffs The best quality / price ratio, suitable for guard dogs and older dogs with less demand for the amount of meat used.

  • IAMS

    A dog is a man's best friend, so treat him with the finest goodies at any age. Granules for dogs IAMS are intended for all breeds of dogs. Delicious dog granules support seven signs of healthy pet vitality.