In our online pet shop with pet supplies you will find a great deal of dog products and accessories: Choose from granules, cans for dogs, you can find from toys for dogs, dogs to dogs for dogs. They do not lack quality collars, leashes and other products for the dog.

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  • Leashes, harnesses and...

    Choose a suitable guide, collar or harness for your dog, flexi guide, leather, canvas or chain guide or color, educational, canvas or chain collars. Breeding supplies for

  • Caring for dogs

    Taking care of your dog should become the rule for you. We offer a wide range of products such as anti-parasites, shampoos, hair-assisting products, toiletries, and products for eyes, ears or teeth.

  • Dog hair and bruises

    The quality of your fourfold friend's hair is very important, you can find a wide range of products such as combs, dog brushes, and a powerful furminator that will rid your dog of up to 90% of dead hair. The trimming ridge, electric drive, finds application in every household.

  • Toys for dogs

    Select the right toy for your dog. We offer toys for dogs plush, latex, rope, toys for hard rubber dog and many others. The real choice is just for you.

  • Dog wraps

    Dog wraps are a good supplement to regular dog food. Dog wraps can be used as a reward for training, or just for playing and exercising and strengthening the dog's dentition. With us, you choose from 100% dog meat, a dice only for playing, or natural concoctions from ear to razor. Check out our wide assortment.

  • Buds, dogs and bins...

    Dogfoods, wicker baskets and deck chairs belong to the basic equipment especially for dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors or just relax in the comfort of their apartment or house. A dog rest zone is a must-have investment to your four-legged friend.

  • Crates and bags for...

    Carriage for dogs in a car, aircraft or to visit a doggie. We offer a large selection of dog boxes to help you transport and transport your dog safely. You can also find bags to carry the smallest ones.

  • Dog dishes

    A suitable feed and water bowl is one of the basic equipment of each dog. Here you will find exactly the right bowl for your dog! Choose from our range of plastic, steel or ceramic dishes. You can also choose a bowl with a feed dispenser or a travel bottle to keep the water warm in the hot months.

  • Cans, pockets, dog paws

    Quality cans for dogs in our offer. Juicy cuts of meat or meatballs will please every dog's smoothie. Here you will find the most delicious meat for a dog in the form of a can, pocket or paste.

  • Granules and feed for...

    In our offer of dog granules, you will find the right feed for your dog so that it meets its individual needs. Here you will find feeds ranging from economic to ultra-HOLISTIC without the use of grain with a high content of meat.

  • Muzzle for dog

    Here you will find muzzle dogs that are an inseparable part of a dog's life. Nylon mongers for traveling with a dog in public transport, a leather muzzle for a dog for safe walks as well as a solid steel muzzle for a dog. The choice will be left to you.

  • Other needs for a dog

    In this category you will find a different mix of products for dogs that have not been assigned to any department.

  • Dog door

    Door and flaps for dogs allow the free movement of a dog in the home. The door for dogs guarantees freedom of movement.

  • Nutritional...

    Each dog needs a balanced feed that covers the need for vitamins and minerals. In this case, it is good to use complementary products. Here you will find a suitable supplement for your dog to guarantee a long and healthy life!

  • Fashion and clothes...

    Stylish, practical and fashionable clothing for dogs of all sizes and races. Here you will find the right coat, jacket or vest for every dog. They do not leave dog socks, dog hoods, rags in the rain and many other accessories.

  • Dog accessories

    In this category, there is a dog whistle, a directory, a collar light, a roller, staples or rubber bands on a dog and, of course, a lot of other good quality goods.