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Aquarium Technique

Technique for aquarists is very important and depends on individual results. In this category, we offer powerful aquarium filters, water heater, aquarium light, water pump, air compressor and many other useful products for all aquarium fish keepers.

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  • Spare parts and filter...

    Here you will find spare parts in the filter and suitable filter material for every purpose and for each filter size. See also other categories!

  • Internal filters to...

    Preferred internal filters are ideal for filtering smaller aquariums or as a complementary filter to biointernal filters. Here you will find a suitable internal filter that will suit not only the size of your aquarium but also your ideas.

  • Outdoor aquarium filters

    External or external filters for aquariums. The advantage of these filters is that they can be hidden in the cabinet beneath the aquarium. Here you will find a suitable external filter for your aquarium.

  • Heaters for aquariums

    The water heater serves to ensure the desired temperature in the aquarium, we offer various types of heaters, whether thermostatically or without a thermostat. You need to think correctly about what watt is best for your aquarium to prevent the aquarium overheating. In case of confusion, you can contact us and we will be glad to assist you with choosing the right heater for your aquarium.

  • Aircraft to aquarium

    An aquarium air compressor is a suitable aid in watering the aquarium. It is used as an adjunct to an external or internal filter to improve oxygenation in aquariums.

  • Lighting for aquarium

    Suitable lighting together with the aquarium filter forms the heart of each aquarium. Lighting also makes sure the plants grow nicely in the aquarium and minimize the occurrence of algae. In our offer we have different types of lighting in the aquarium, the choice will be left to you!

  • Pumps for aquarium

    In this category, aquarium pumps and other water pumps, such as water pumps, Centrifugal or circulating pumps suitable for pumping water as well as for filtering.

  • Bulbs and fluorescent...

    There are replacement bulbs, fluorescent lamps, neon tubes, or other forms of ice light into the aquarium light. You can choose whether to highlight the color of the fish or to support the growth of plants in the aquarium. See also our other categories!