Dog hair and bruises



Dog hair and bruises

The quality of your fourfold friend's hair is very important, you can find a wide range of products such as combs, dog brushes, and a powerful furminator that will rid your dog of up to 90% of dead hair. The trimming ridge, electric drive, finds application in every household.

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  • Spikes and combs for dogs

    Are you looking for a high quality dog comb or brush? This is no problem with us. Choose from a wide assortment, such as a one-row, double-row ridge with rotary teeth. You can find different brushes for dogs, including self-cleaning brushes, double-sided brushes, etc. With us you will definitely choose.

  • Pliers and scissors...

    Does your dog have long-necked problems? No problem with us is to choose a plierstick, effective guillotines of different types, or just use good quality scissors to shorten not only the long hair of the dogs. In this category you will find products for the treatment of hair and chests of all breeds of dogs.

  • Trimming combs and dog...

    Trimming combs for dogs, as well as electric cutting machines to adjust your dog's hair, ear clippers and much more in our offer.

  • Rubber ovals and...

    In this category you will find effective massage ovals for dogs, you can also choose the dog gloves that will delight the moments of your four-year-old friends. In addition to a nice massage, you will get rid of your dead hair and improve your blood circulation.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item