In the Aquaristics category you will find a wide selection of aquarium accessories and accessories: Just choose from our extensive assortment - fish feed, filter, pump or other aquarium needs and accessories. Of course, there are no aquariums, glass balls or a range of products for garden ponds!

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  • Feed for fish

    Correct feed for aquarium fish may not only be in the form of flakes. Offer your fishes a splash in the form of granules, pellets or sticks. Even classic flax food is important for proper nutrition of aquarium fishes. For day-fish we offer feed in the form of tablets. From our rich offer of these kinds of feeds you will definitely choose!

  • Sand, gravel and...

    The quality of the aquarium depends on its lower layer. Bright or dark gravel gives the same aquarium a completely different atmosphere, so think well how your aquarium should look like you like it. We offer different types of sand, decorative stones in aquariums, or colorful gravel that will give your aquarium an unmistakable sparkle.

  • Decoration in aquarium

    Many aquarists prefer natural decorative materials in their aquariums to try to create a natural environment for their fishes. In this category you will find a great number of roots, ceramics, artificial plants and stones for your aquarium. Aquarium wallpapers give your aquarium a unique style and natural environment in which the fish will feel as if in nature. We also have an illuminated aquarium decoration, using these decorations to create a unique scam of your aquarium.

  • Aquariums for fish

    In this category you will find a suitable aquarium for beginners in aquarium as well as larger or complete aquariums for professional aquarists. In our offer you can also find glass balls or glasses for betta warriors or battleships.

  • Garden Lake

    Here you will find everything you need to care for your lagoon: filters, pumps, feed for your fish and other accessories.

  • Accessories for aquariums

    All auxiliary products such as aquarium thermometer, silicone glue for aquarium grip, drainage bell to drain aquarium or hydrometer water or glass scraper and other important equipment for each aquarium are in this category.

  • Tubing, netting,...

    In this category, there are fish nets in aquariums, air stones, or hoses that are an effective addition to each aquarium and also as a source of aquarium water oxygenation. Air supply tubes are a matter of course. See also our other categories.

  • Plant Care

    Not only fish in the aquarium must be cared for! Your attention can not escape even aquarium plants. Without care, their next stay in the aquarium will be debatable. Plants need to take care of themselves and give them everything they need. In our offer we have products for total plant nutrition! Explore other categories of aquarium.

  • Aquarium water care

    Water is the environment for your fish and plants, so you should decide for the right water care. We offer you a selection of different products that clean water in the aquarium, keep it clean and protect the aquarium from the algae. Algae aquarium contamination is a common phenomenon against which something can be done! Thanks to the means we offer here, you can easily solve the problem with the algae and your aquarium will remain clean. You can also choose to dispose of unwanted visitors in the aquarium, such as slugs and others. In case of illness you can choose from several types of drugs.

  • Aquarium Technique

    Technique for aquarists is very important and depends on individual results. In this category, we offer powerful aquarium filters, water heater, aquarium light, water pump, air compressor and many other useful products for all aquarium fish keepers.