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    Aquarium 630l

    Glass aquarium with a volume of 630L...

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Choose from cats needs and accessories! We have quality granules, cans and other assortment for cats, you will find the right equipment that your cat will feel like in a cushion. Scrapers, toys, bowls, or litters, just for cats and their owners. We believe that you are choosing something in the category dedicated to cats.

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  • Granules and cat food

    In the offer of cat food granules, you will find the right feed for your cat to meet your individual needs. Here you will find feeds from simple to ultra high-fat meals. Sterilized cats, kittens, elderly cats can find food in our country.

  • Cans, pockets, cats...

    Tasty canned cats in our offer. Juicy cuts of meat or meatballs will delight each cat. Here you will find the most delicious meat for cats in the form of a can, pocket or paste.

  • Stuffings, vitamins,...

    Cat wrinkles in the form of tablets, pastes or sticks are a welcome change for normal cat food for every cat. Green fresh grass, as well as strawberries, can be offered as a reward or as a supplement to its diet. Thanks to the crosses, the cat keeps a healthy appetite and its natural life force.

  • Crates and bags for cats

    Carriage for a cat in a car, aircraft, or to visit a doggie. We offer a large selection of cat food boxes to transport your cat comfortably and safely. There are, of course, bags for the transmission of the smallest little cats.

  • Coat and pussy cats

    The quality of your cat's coat is very important, you can find a wide range of assortments, such as combs, cat brushes, and a powerful furminator that will rid your cat up to 90% of dead hair. The trimming ridge, the electric drive, can be found in every household.

  • Care for cats

    Caring for cats is very important, especially for eyes, ears and coat. Here you will find not only shampoo, antiparasitics, but also anti-spatter repellents. Products available to complete care of a healthy cat.

  • Guides, collars,...

    Are you looking for a stylish harness for a cat? No problem, you will definitely choose. In addition to harnesses, we offer a collar, a guide, flex guides for cats and much more on

  • Toilets and pods for cats

    Toilet for cats belongs to basic equipment of every cattery household. Give your cat a comfortable toilet. Here you will find a great selection of cat litter, toilet, toilet bowl, van and other accessories that will delight cats for their natural needs.

  • Pillows and pillows...

    All cats have a comfortable and comfortable night's rest, so every cat has a good place to rest and sleep. Here you will find a large selection of peacocks, pillows and cats for cats. Your cat will love you.

  • Toys and scratches for...

    Toys and cats are the basic equipment of every cat farmer. The toy will bring fun and joy to the life of every little cat, maintains fit and trains it. Your cat will definitely not be bored and her life will become more fun. We offer various types of toys and cat scratch cats. You just have to choose.

  • Cat accessories

    In this category you will find a cat door and a different mix of products for your cat that have not been assigned to any department.

  • Bowls and cat feeders

    A high-quality feed and water bowl is one of the basic equipment of each cat. Here you will find exactly the right bowl for your cat! Choose from our range of plastic, steel or ceramic dishes. You can also choose a bowl with a feed dispenser or a travel bottle to keep the water in the hot months always available.

  • Cat door

    Buttons and door for cats, allowing free movement of cats in the home. The cat door guarantees freedom of movement.