Dog wraps



Dog wraps

Dog wraps are a good supplement to regular dog food. Dog wraps can be used as a reward for training, or just for playing and exercising and strengthening the dog's dentition. With us, you choose from 100% dog meat, a dice only for playing, or natural concoctions from ear to razor. Check out our wide assortment.

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  • Meat snacks for a dog

    100% meat products for dogs. Made from poultry, beef, lamb, duck. Meat delicacy will please every dog. Various types are available in the menu.

  • Breads made from dog skin

    The flavor, whether the toy skin is ideal for the development of healthy dog dentition, each dog enjoys this delicacy and lasts for a long time. Variants are available for selection. You can find a cub, a knot, a skull and many other chewable cuisines for dogs.

  • Dried snacks for dogs

    Dried desserts for dogs, all 100% natural. Treat the dried chicken leg, pork chicken or beef bone. We do not find dangerous antlers, we only sell 100% digestible products !!!

  • Biscuits, snacks for dogs

    Dog treats, crunching crèches, fragrant dog drops and other chopsticks in our offer.