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    Aquarium 630l

    Glass aquarium with a volume of 630L...

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In this category we offer you feed for poultry: feed mixtures for laying hens, mixture for chickens, turkeys, ducks, rabbit granules and other livestock. Among other things, you will find rat poisoning and mice or feeders and feeders for poultry and rabbits. See also our other categories.

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  • Pest control agents

    Here we offer poisoning and poison on rats and mice, glue for catching and destroying mice, feroset adhesive tapes for moths.

  • Feed mixtures for...

    Are you looking for a good mix for the hens, whether they are scrap or granules? We offer mixtures for turkeys, broilers, ducks, goose and chicken mixes. For rabbits, we offer fattening granules. With us you will definitely choose a compound mixture! See also other categories.

  • Feed and feeders for...

    Not just a good feed mixture for poultry farming or rabbits for fattening, but also high-quality fodder and feeders for chickens, geese, turkeys and rabbit feeders. For ease of feeding, we offer high-quality feeds, either as a bowl or with a tray. In addition, you can buy chicken horseradish or pigeons.

  • Accessories

    In this category we offer accessories for breeding poultry, rabbits, etc. such as incandescent bulbs, scissors, distribution boards and everything needed for livestock breeding.

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  • The hose outlet allows you to connect the bucket with water to the watering system, either when feeding rabbits or poultry. It is enough to connect a tube with a diameter of 8 - 9 mm to the outlet, which ensures that the water reaches the rabbits or poultry directly using the feeding bowls. The hose outlet allows you to connect the bucket with water to the watering system,...

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