Garden Lake



Garden Lake

Here you will find everything you need to care for your lagoon: filters, pumps, feed for your fish and other accessories.

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  • Feed for lake fish

    Here you will find a wide variety of fish feeds in the pond. Whether you are looking for flake food, granulate, chopsticks, mixed feeds or tablets for various fish species in the pond.

  • Maintenance of ponds

    Water is the most important thing for the animals of your pond, so you should take care of proper water care. We offer anti-riasam preparations, water treatment preparations or an active medicine for diseases in your pond.

  • Pond technique

    Pond technique, pumps or pond fountains can be found in this category. See also other categories in our shop at

  • Pond accessories

    You can find other pond accessories in this category. See also other interesting categories related to your pond.