Care for cats



Care for cats

Caring for cats is very important, especially for eyes, ears and coat. Here you will find not only shampoo, antiparasitics, but also anti-spatter repellents. Products available to complete care of a healthy cat.

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  • Shampoo for cat

    Shampoo specially designed for your cat's needs and coat. Here you will find various brands of high quality cat shampoos.

  • Antiparasitic for cat

    Anti-parasitic drugs for cats - the most effective anti-flea and tick remedies, with collars, shampoos, sprays, repellents or electronic repellents. Protect your cat against parasite !!!

  • Cat Odalants

    Do you already have full teeth with the permanent marking or biting of your trees, plants, furniture destruction and the like? We offer effective crystals against cat marking, an anti-spatter spray and scratch spray. Every cat with our products will definitely sense what can or can not do.

  • Eyes, ears, teeth, paws

    The care of the eyes, teeth, ears and paws of your cat is extremely important. You should not underestimate this fact. We offer eyebrow preparations for cats, toothpastes and many other useful products.